• Auction Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts 2024

    Dear friends and art lovers,

    I am delighted to contribute to the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts auction with my work D'hier et demain. This event is a wonderful opportunity to support our local museum while celebrating art.

    🗓️ Join us for the evening at the crié auction on June 6 and participate online now! ➡️

    Your participation and support are essential. Thank you and see you soon! 🙏

    Tickets for the benefit evening are available here :
  • Unveiling of the new Bijoux évanescents series!

    Hello dear art enthusiasts! Today I have the immense pleasure of revealing to you my brand new artistic series which results from extensive research. I hope you enjoy it and please send me your comments!

  • Frondaisons

    I am pleased to announce the availability of my latest work entitled Frondaisons. I'm always trying to improve my techniques, my approach and to evolve in this path of artistic practice. Don't hesitate to give me your comments.

    I've also made a brand-new selection of works from the Scene series, available now!

  • New outdoor exhibition in the gardens of the Maison des arts et de la culture de Brompton

    With the summer season, the outdoor exhibition on panels is renewed and will now present a selection of the Scene and Duale series by the artist Etienne Saint-Amant . The Duale series is also created in duo with the artist Éric Dupont . Echoing the summer theme, the artist's works use a combination of mathematical formulas which themselves become materials and pigments, in addition to creating a coherent dialogue with the biodiversity and ecology of the Parc de la Rive. You will be able to see the exhibition evolve through the seasons until summer 2024!
  • Nano Art Club's 3rd work unveiled!

    We are now pleased to present the 3rd Nano Art Club work, conceived in secret as a surprise commemorative piece for the GMAD architecture firm!

    And for this work, we've invented the first 3D nanometric typography, where each letter represents a tiny building or skyscraper district!

  • Émotions purifiantes (purifying emotions)

    This is my newest work from the Memories series entitled Émotions purifiantes. The Memoires Series is one of my favorites because I am returning to my roots as an abstract artist and I love my creative periods in this series.

  • Dual — Panchelonioidea

    This is our latest work in the Dual Series on the subject of the sea turtle. We had the chance to take several pictures of it and we evoke its presence in clear water with caustic effects.

  • Unveiling of the Nano Art Club

    Science and technology bring us and will bring us new approaches and new concepts in art. It is in this spirit of innovation and exploration that the Nano Art Club was born.

  • La route divine (The divine road)

    "La route divine" is an inspiring work of art that evokes a path of constant transformation, where individuals support each other in a perpetual quest for evolution.

  • Dual — Betula

    I am pleased to present our latest work in the Dual Series with the subject of the birch tree!

    It is a magnificent tree with many beneficial properties for humans and the environment. Its natural beauty, strength, durability, ability to absorb large amounts of water, medicinal properties and cultural importance make it a remarkable tree and essential to life on earth.

  • La bravade des géants

    Today, I am making available my work La bravade des géants in its edition of 5. But more importantly, you can see its edition of 1 (large format) at the Musée d'art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul.

  • Endothéline (Endothelin)

    I now have the opportunity to present a brand new artwork from the Transmission series, a series about neurotransmitters and featuring minimalist works of great aestheticism.

    "Endothelin" is a work of art that immediately catches the eye and evokes a sense of wonder when observing the subtle gradations of colors that compose it. This minimalist piece perfectly embodies the essence of beauty and simplicity, while reflecting the essence of neurotransmission.