Dual — Panchelonioidea

This is our latest work in the Dual Series on the subject of the sea turtle. We had the chance to take several pictures of it and we evoke its presence in clear water with caustic effects.

The sea turtle is an amazing creature that deserves our admiration and protection. These marine reptiles are hardened survivors, having roamed the oceans for millions of years. Their domed shells and graceful silhouettes are a sight to behold. Sea turtles are also guardians of the ocean ecosystem, helping to maintain a delicate balance by feeding on algae and crustaceans that can cause damage to marine life.

These majestic animals are also dispersers of aquatic plants and animals, traveling long distances to reach different geographic areas. They are also important indicators of the health of marine ecosystems, as their presence and population can be affected by overfishing, pollution, climate change and other environmental factors.

Duale - Panchelonioidea

Dual — Panchelonioidea
created in 2023 by Etienne Saint-Amant and Éric Dupont
unique - 122 x 122 cm (48 x 48 in)