Artist Statement

Etienne Saint-Amant Portrait

In my personal view of nature, awareness of the implications of chaotic mechanisms is predominant. For me, chaos is the total causality of deterministic events. It is important to not only see the instability and disorder of chaos but to see its real power as a fundamental, creative and evolutionary force. My artistic vision is strongly influenced by this view.

Conscious and unconscious thought also plays into this view. From this emanates my desire to create work that speaks to these synergies. I use paradoxes and juxtapositions to sensitize the viewer to a certain event or a certain idea. Throughout my work, attention to composition on different scales invites us to first casually glance at, and then more minutely scrutinize details that are revealed gradually as we come closer to the work. I wish to submerge viewers into a dense and rich work, creating a strong atmosphere.

The technique I use stems from avant-garde scientific concepts but also rests on several classical principles. Being master of sciences, I am profoundly interested in mathematics. I create my style, techniques and tools guided by scientific principles all throughout the process. It’s with these tools and this knowledge that mathematics spring to life and become matters and pigments.

Each artworks are the end result of a long process that has brought together these elements. In this world, the challenge is great because everything is indirect and abstract: I play with mathematics in order to achieve the right notes, the right feelings, the right energy.