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This is the original artwork La route divine created by Etienne Saint-Amant.

pigmented inks · professional photo paper · museum grade non-glare acrylic · aluminium

Complete list of editions:

edition of 1 - 112 × 224 cm (44 × 88 in)
edition of 5 (various format) - 76 × 152 cm (30 × 60 in) 

"La route divine" is an inspiring work of art that evokes a path of constant transformation, where individuals support each other in a perpetual quest for evolution.

This captivating artwork depicts a winding road that stretches endlessly, punctuated by moments of pause and challenges to overcome. The message of this artwork is clear: life is a journey of constant transformation, where each individual can support each other and connect with others in a common goal.

The road is a symbol of this perpetual evolution, a reminder that life is a never-ending process of discovery and personal growth.