Porosified gallium arsenide

Porosified gallium arsenide

Youcef A. Bioud, Guillaume Beaudin, Etienne Saint-Amant, 3IT/LN2, Université de Sherbrooke
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Porosified gallium arsenide (GaAs) crystal.

The diameter of the pores is of the order of a few nanometers (around 5 nm).

To obtain the pores, the material is bathed in a hydrofluoric acid solution, where an electric current is passed, and they form in a self-assembled manner.

Scanning electron microscopy of 108 images assembled to form a single super-resolution image. Stained and processed afterwards. About 11.4 µm high and 14.1 µm wide.

This is the original artwork Porosified gallium arsenide created by Youcef A. Bioud, Guillaume Beaudin, Etienne Saint-Amant, 3IT/LN2 and Université de Sherbrooke.

pigmented inks - professional photo paper - museum grade acrylic - aluminum

Complete list of editions :

edition of 5 - 95 × 117 cm (37 × 46 in)

scale enlargement of approximately 83000 : 1