Le paysage poétique (The Poetic Landscape)

It is with pleasure that I unveil my new work entitled Le paysage poétique (The Poetic Landscape)!

It is a real invitation to escape. It depicts an idyllic landscape where different elements of nature are subtly mixed. In the foreground are several windmills, symbols of the history and tradition of the rural landscape. They are presented from a soft and harmonious angle, creating an impression of serenity and peace.

Another level of the work is occupied by floating trees, which seem to dance in harmony with the gentle breeze. Their graceful movement is enhanced by the bright strokes of color and geometric shapes that emerge from the canvas. These geometric shapes, both enigmatic and mysterious, create a play of light and shadow that brings an added dimension to the work.

Finally, the diffuse light emanating from the canvas adds an emotional depth to the whole. It creates an enchanting atmosphere that transports us into a world of reverie and imagination. This work invites us to explore our own inner world, to be carried away by our own imagination.

Le paysage poétiqueLe paysage poétique
by Etienne Saint-Amant
pigmented inks - professional photo paper - museum grade acrylic - aluminum
edition of 1 - 122 × 203 cm (48 × 80 in)
edition of 5 - 76 × 127 cm (30 × 50 in)

This work joins my Scene Series.