Endothéline (Endothelin)

I now have the opportunity to present a brand new artwork from the Transmission series, a series about neurotransmitters and featuring minimalist works of great aestheticism.

"Endothelin" is a work of art that immediately catches the eye and evokes a sense of wonder when observing the subtle gradations of colors that compose it. This minimalist piece perfectly embodies the essence of beauty and simplicity, while reflecting the essence of neurotransmission.

However, it is the deeper meaning behind this work that makes it so fascinating. The title "Endothelin" refers to a hormone produced by endothelial cells that regulates blood pressure and blood flow. Neurotransmission is also evoked in this work, which can be seen in the striped structure reminiscent of the electrical impulses that run through the brain.



Endothéline (Endothelin)
by Etienne Saint-Amant
pigmented inks - professional photo paper - museum grade acrylic - aluminum
edition of 1 - 163 × 122 cm (64 × 48 in)
edition of 5 - 108 × 81 cm (43 × 32 in)